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Diamond Plate Runner Matting

A unique steel deck design incorporated in an economical commercial matting.

diamond plate mats

diamond plate runner mats








Construction:    A unique steel deck design incorporated in an economical commercial

                          matting. Traction gives maximum slip resistance in any direction. The

                          surface sweeps clean easily and will accommodate rolling carts.  - no

                          grooves to hold the dirt. Tough vinyl material with a raised diamond



·      Oil, grease and chemical resistant

·      High tensile strength and elongation properties

·      Meets the requirements of FMVSS 302 – Flammability



Use:                  Heavy traffic indoor areas   Where safety and slip protection is needed -

                         Corridors – hallways - warehouses 


Thickness:           5/32”


Widths & Colors


Black: – 2’ –3’- 4- 5’

Black with Yellow longitudinal borders: 2’ – 3’ –4’ – 5’

Gray:   2’ –3’- 4’


Length:               75’   


Cut Lengths Available



The surface of this runner is the same as steel diamond plate.  The diamonds are arranged so that each alternating diamond goes in the opposite direction to the one next to it.


The traction derived by this arrangement is superior to any other matting made.  We tested the traction by throwing a bucket of water on a square yard of diamond plate. The water covered it totally.  We tried to slip and could not.


The non-slip feature is one of many.  Diamond Plate cleans shoes of dirt with its unique surface.  It cleans easily by sweeping in any direction. There are no grooves to hold the dirt. 


Diamond Plate is made of a tough – PVC compound that is a durable, tear resistant flooring product.


A favorite product in industry where it is used in many situations that involve oil, grease and many chemicals.


A yellow border along both longitudinal edges adds another safety feature - visibility.


A thickness of 5/32” – Widths  2’ – 3’ – 4’ – 5’ -  Length 75’ or any length to meet a users requirements.


Diamond Plate is used extensively as protection on shelves.  The length and width of shelves can be covered to protect the shelves or material that is stored on the shelves.


Combined with a sponge base we make mats for fatigue relief.  Custom made as to lengths – widths – thickness.  Thicknesses  ½” – 1” for maximum fatigue relief.


Diamond Plate meets flammability FMVSS 302


Colors -  Black – Gray – Black with yellow longitudinal borders




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