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A distinctive design using a chevron pattern for extra cleaning ability in all directions.

Custom lengths available with vinyl on all edges

aztec mats

aztec mats

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24 ounces per square yard of tough, heavy denier, solution dyed polypropylene makes this a durable mat for all uses.


Entranceways into malls, churches, schools, industrial plants, hotels, hospitals, restaurants, offices, etc. Cleans easily by vacuuming or sweeping with a damp broom.

Mat Size

2 x 3 ft
3 x 4 ft
3 x 5 ft
3 x 6 ft
4 x 6 ft
4 x 8 ft
4 x 10 ft


3 x 60 ft
4 x 60 ft
6 x 60 ft

Face Weight

24 oz/yd²


Black Sea
Muddy Water
Ocean Blue
Rain Forest
Wine Kooler

Length Information

Cut Lengths Available in any length up to 60' with vinyl all four sides




100% Solution-Dyed Polypropylene Fibers


Herringbone pattern ideal for indoor or outdoor applications. High-low weave design provides aggressive soil removal. Excellent water retention capacity.


Standard size mats are offered in 2’x 3’, 3’x 4’, 3’x 5’, 3’x 6’, 4’x 6’, 4’x 8’, and 4’x 10’.


Length- standard size rolls are 60’ for ease of handling, however if required it can be made longer. Any length mat can be made depending on the requirements of the user. Custom size mats are made individually and therefore have the black vinyl that frames the carpet on 4 sides.



Aztec  is tufted into various widths such as 36-48” and 72”. It can be made in sizes, which range between these widths by tufting specific widths. Such as, 30” if there is enough quantity to warrant producing the width. It can be supplied in small quantities by cutting it from other widths (Example 44” can be cut from 48”) therefore it is very flexible in customizing sizes to fit specific areas.


Colors- Black Sea, Muddy Water- Ocean Blue – Rain Forest – Wine Kooler


Indoor/Outdoor use due to fast drying qualities of polypropylene.


Flammability-  Meets US DOT flammability regulations Doc FF1-70 and Doc FF2-70. Yarn and vinyl are flame retardant.


Vinyl back carpets are used to hold moisture and dirt from being tracked into buildings. In order to maximize use of these carpets when they become full of water (which can happen during snow storms) a second carpet, which duplicates the first carpet (that is dry) can replace it while the first is put away to dry. They should be alternated.













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