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Innovative right from the beginning, U.S. Mat & Rubber started in 1971 with a newly designed durable floor mat called Comfort Safe. Comfort Safe was the first no slip drainage mat developed for commercial kitchens and other areas where grease, oil, and water required drainage and a safe slip-resistant floor. The Comfort Safe no slip drainage mat, combined with the development of several other drainage mats, was so well received that our company sales grew from zero to $5 million within the first three years!

U.S Mats and Rubber takes pride in our selection of quality modular floor covering tiles, commercial floor mats, industrial mats, rubber floor mats, salon mats, barber shop mats, safety mats, foodstuff service mats, kitchen mats, gym flooring (including gym mats and residence gym flooring), entrance mats, anti fatigue mats, and logo mats.


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Speaking of logo mats... if you're conducting any kind of branding campaign at your business, a fantastic way to reinforce your company identity is with a custom logo mat to conceal and protect the floor of your marketplace. One or more entrance floor mats with logos of your corporation will send a positive message on your customers on the moment they walk through your door. Our logo mats not only add for the "recognition factor" of your company and convey an image of professionalism, but they furthermore help keep your floors clean, dry, and, most importantly -- safe. Check our entire determination of logo entrance mats, logo door mats and logo rubber mats.







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